PowerHouse Music Group - Thief Fraud Kane epperson Rhonda Johnson


Thieves!! Dont' believe them!!!! they used to be called POWERHOUZE RECORDINGS! They are on the ripoff report, look them up! They have dissolved the company name but currently have the same location. Walkin to Labels and MEDIA outlets are a lie. THey have taken my money never provided services, Im just one of many. dont let them get you too! KANE EPPERSON, K EPPS, KANADEZ EPPERSON, RHONDA JOHNSON (the pregnant one), VANESSA GOPAUL, KEVIN WALES. They will tell you that they work with many known artist, when in fact they don't know these people. They have no credit in this industry!!!


14545 friar st

sherman oaks, ca


Review about: Illegal Charges.

Monetary Loss: $500.



Yes, Kane epperson and Rhonda Jhonson are kinda of funny

They begged me for a deposit.

It made me feel out of place. And Rhonda seems to be a model that's all we know The Kane Epperson comes of Shady and we got a bad vibe.

to Charles #650773

Hello Charles,

I am not aware of exactly who you are or the exact person who is tarnishing my company's name or co-workers, but I must formally refute any of these allegations held against us. This is a classic case of defamation of character, and we are taking actions to clear our name as it is of important value.

As few have claimed that we do not know music executives and artist, PowerHouse Music Group continues to work with some of music's well known artist, and labels. Despite your comments I would personally like to invite you to our offices in Van Nuys, CA to meet me and my staff and discuss any matters in question. There is no doubt of our place in the entertainment industry and signed obligation to clients that we work with to build their future success. Best of luck on your future endeavors and again if there is anything we can do or answer questions our contact information is on our website. Or in which case we seemed to be in contact at one point, please give me a call directly. Thank you.

Rhonda Johnson

PowerHouse Music Group - Kane Epperson, Powerhousemusic group scam.

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Rhonda Johnson, Kane Epperson,K.epps

Is a scammer we lost the ammount of 11,0038.00 dollars for a

Viral Campaign for social media. We found that this is a rip off and this company had a previous company: Powerhouzrecordings. Please people they claim to know people in the industry they don't know anyone it's a scam you mustnot get caught in the Lies and the females, play a role as admins who worked for Sony we've contacted Sony there is know Powerhousemusicgroup. Sick People here

That Cop Cat the same thing artist please Beware! there crooks.

Review about: Viral Campaign.

Monetary Loss: $500.



Yup. A**hole got me for $25.

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